BGP peering strategies for smaller routers

Bob Evans bob at
Mon May 2 21:03:52 UTC 2016

Rib or Fib for the million - thats the question - but in any event the
following will most likely work for you. BTW, full table is now over 600K
in size.

1) Choose one Transit and take their full table. (pick whatever reasons
cost savings, bigger pipe, coin flip, etc.)
2) With the second transit use a filter to drop all everything /22 or
smaller. Now check your tables , see if you have enough room.
3) Next add your peers - no filtering and lpref those routes about the
4) Ask both transits to send you a default route.

If this doesn't fit, use some more policy filtering and while this is up
and running begin the search for a router with larger tables to replace the tables will soon grow larger.

Thank You
Bob Evans

> On 2/May/16 21:07, Mike wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     I have an ASR1000 router with 4gb of ram. The specs say I can get
>> '1 million routes' on it, but as far as I have been advised, a full
>> table of internet routes numbers more than 530k by itself, so taking 2
>> full tables seems to be out of the question (?).
> Sounds like you have enough router resources to do your peering and take
> 2 full feeds.
> Mark.

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