Oh dear, we've all been made redundant...

Bryan Bradsby Bryan.Bradsby at capnet.state.tx.us
Fri Mar 25 14:39:07 UTC 2016

> Uggghhh.  I've always hated this 'reboot, see if it fixes it' 
> methodology.  If the CPEs can't recover from error conditions 
> correctly, they shouldn't be used.  I blame Microsoft for making this 
> concept acceptable.  
> Chuck

I was getting 20% TCP packet loss between two of my unix boxes on the
TWC route from my house to work, so I called support. 

I used lft - like tcptraceroute - both directions, to identify a TWC
backbone router in Dallas as the problem. I then used the TWC looking
glass to show the same result. 

I was told i needed to reboot my router to troubleshoot. I offered to
reboot my router, after he rebooted his router in Dallas  ;)


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