NTT communications horrible routing, unresponsive NOC

James Bensley jwbensley at
Thu Mar 24 11:32:29 UTC 2016

On 23 March 2016 at 23:39, Paras Jha <paras at> wrote:
> At a loss as to what to do now, since their NOC isn't receptive. Anyone
> have someone I can contact off-list to get this issue resolved? It's
> especially frustrating because the problem absolutely cannot be resolved on
> our end, even with a no-export since NTT is keeping the routes in their
> router.

It would be helpful to show how you came to these conclusions about
prefix caching and routing issues etc (share the data you gathered).

If you are an NTT customer (it's sounds a bit like you're a customer
of an NTT customer, it's not clear) then this should be account
management 101, you should have an escalations process/matrix, kick
off that process now.

There are NTT dudes on this list so probably they will reach out to
you off list, if not post back requesting an NTT contact.


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