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Ben Bartsch uwcableguy at
Wed Mar 23 13:32:20 UTC 2016

Consultant here...

We used StatSeeker at a large state government WAN (my last gig before
turning consultant) and I personally loved it for graphs and to point
customers to (you can easily set up user accounts where they can log in via
a web portal and they can see the graphs you assign them).  I have no idea
how much it costs or how easy / difficult the backend server set up is.
>From a network admin point of view, if all you need is graphs you cannot
beat the ease of StatSeeker.  I have nothing bad to say about them - their
support is great (but they are on Australian time).  It's been a couple
years since I've used it though.

We also had OpenNMS and Intermapper, both of which were kind of quirky, but
seemed to get the job done.  We had internal support for OpenNMS, which was
decent (as good as your staff is).  Intermapper support was horrible.

Today we deploy a lot of Cacti and it seems to work well, once it's working.

I see a lot of MRTG at our customer sites too.  I've seen a few SolarWinds
instances as well.  Customers that use these seem happy with their choice.

Zenoss I've only seen at CiscoLive, but I was impressed.  Observium also
looks like a good product, but I've never seen it on a network.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 1:15 PM, Jason LeBlanc <
jason.leblanc at> wrote:

> +1 on Observium.
> I know I am late replying but I just installed it a couple weeks ago.  It
> integrates with Smokeping, Rancid, CollectD, Syslo... Took me 1 day to
> setup on CentOS.  Fantastic product so far!
> //LeBlanc
> >We’re using Observium for trend collecting, graphing, and alerting.
> >
> >-Pete
> >

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