Paging someone at SonicWall/Dell

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at
Tue Mar 22 01:47:05 UTC 2016


If anyone has any contacts at Dell/SonicWall that can assist, their latest 
firewalls have a misfeature that have started blocking F-root (ISC, my 
Day-job) as a possible botnet responder.

You can reach me, 24/7, at 703-338-2497, or at dmahoney at

Needless to say, this is seriously bad.  As we ourselves are not 
Sonicwall users, our options here are limited.

I've gotten their usual call center nonsense where they told me "I need to 
contact my system administrator" and wouldn't transfer me further.

I've submitted a "removal" request via the form at, but that still doesn't help if 
there's a firmware out there doing broken hueristics and mass-DDOSing 

If for some reason there actually IS some botnet-related traffic going on 
toward the root servers (the root servers get a LOT of garbage, so this 
doesn't surprise me), we'd like to know that too.

-Dan Mahoney


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