Charter DDOS scrubbing.

Ethan E. Dee edee at
Fri Mar 18 20:34:23 UTC 2016

Globalvision is an ISP in greenville sc.
We are currently peering with two other ISP's we have a gig link with 
charter and are getting hammered quite hard with a full gig and more of 
DDoS on SIP, DNS, NTP, and other random UDP traffic. Alot of folks have 
said that charter will do DDoS scrubbing. Charter however is telling me 
they absolutely cannot offer this service.
Does anyone have any info on contacting charter or who to bug about this 
to get it in the works? Or does any know for certain that there's no 
reason to even ask?

Ethan Dee
Network Admin
864 704 3600
edee at

Gv-support at
864 467 1333

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