Internet Exchanges supporting jumbo frames?

Jakob Heitz (jheitz) jheitz at
Fri Mar 18 21:29:44 UTC 2016

What's driving the desire for larger packets?

A single bit error will drop a whole packet.
Larger packets will cause more loss. Cables will need to be
shorter or bitrates lower to compensate.

Byte overhead of packet headers?

Are we seeing degradation of packets per second in forwarding
due to the increase in IPv6? Are we seeing IPv6 packets with
hop-by hop extension headers (which forward on the slow path)?

Increasing the packet size will reduce the number of TCP
packets as well as the number of TCP ack packets.
TCP ACK packets are significantly larger in IPv6 than IPv4.

TCP slow start is faster with large MTU. Is this an issue?

Are IPv6 packets with extension headers causing performance
degradation in firewalls?


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