Cogent - Google - HE Fun

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Wed Mar 16 19:42:54 UTC 2016

On 16/Mar/16 21:23, Owen DeLong wrote:

> Please confirm that you in fact are receiving 174 * 6939 IPv6 paths from them?
> Seems unlikely to me.

Nope (neither IPv4 nor IPv6) - they are about 1,500 IPv6 routes short
from what we see from the others.

You're welcome to poke if you want to test my perspective:

They've obviously regressed a little bit, although it appears they never
did have any engagement with HE in particular, for either IP protocol.
In fairness, we knew getting into bed with Cogent would bring Daily Joy,
which is why we considered them last of all the major networks to on-board.

But as I said before, we have sufficient transit and peering that
Cogent's insufficiencies do not impact us. For now, what they have on
their network offers us some value (and they aren't necessarily any
cheaper than any of our other transit providers). If that value should
drop below a level where having them on the network is neither here nor
there, they'll get the boot.


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