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Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Wed Mar 16 18:43:22 UTC 2016

On 16/Mar/16 17:41, Christopher Morrow wrote:

> my guess is the same as Owen's ... 'your rfq don't mean squat'.
> honestly it's not like people don't ask their cogent sales folk for
> this sort of thing, it's just not cogent's (clearly, given how long
> the HE/Cogent thing along has persisted) way of doing things.
> Sometimes your belief system just isn't theirs.

The first time I considered buying from Cogent was out of One Wilshire,
back in 2010. I did a 1-month PoC with them.

The global IPv6 BGP table was around 2,500 routes then. Cogent had only
100 or so, IIRC. I told them I would not sign with them due to this.

Fast-forward to 2012, nothing much had changed when they tried to get me
to buy from them again (out of London, this time), and I told them why.
Then in 2014, they tracked me down again and confirmed they then had a
full IPv6 BGP table. So I added them to my network (out of Amsterdam).

Cogent form part of the 7x upstreams I have (not to mention all the
peering we do). So if they de-peer some network, we aren't stuck. I have
them on my network because they add value to some paths on the Internet,
and not because of price.

I'm one guy, so I can't say whether my actions over the years prompted a
warm body within the Cogent machine to rethink their IPv6 strategy. But
I think if you refuse to buy from them on principles that matter to you,
and you tell them why, it could help. If it doesn't, move on - it won't
be your loss.

I would, though, say that the amount of support this list is giving
Cogent to keep their heart beating is astounding. If there was ever a
time for them to listen to their environment, this would be it. But alas...


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