Cogent - Google - HE Fun

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Mar 16 15:32:29 UTC 2016

I think the RFQ idea isn’t a bad one, but I doubt it will have any effect.

Cogent already knows that they have customers leaving because of their peering wars. They
don’t seem to care.

However, if it’s going to be effective, I think the RFQ has to be achievable by most other

I propose:

Provider must demonstrate a peering policy conducive to maintaining reachability to all
publicly advertised space on the internet. Provider must show that they have reachability
to all autonomous systems visible from route-views or other publicly accessible looking
glass system(s). Provider must demonstrate these capabilities for both IPv4 and IPv6.

In this way, you’ve got a succinct, easily achievable criteria that roughly approximates
full routes and a relatively clear message that restrictive “pay us or forget about reaching
our subscribers” peering policy isn’t going to get them selected as your provider.


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