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On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 9:56 AM, Dennis Bohn <bohn at> wrote:
> So if someone (say an eyeball network) was putting out a RFQ for a gig say
> of upstream cxn and wanted to spec full reachability to the full V6 net,
> what would the wording for that spec look like?

Maybe require something roughly like this in the SLA:

"Customer may notify Provider upon discovery of a network Partition. A
Partition exists when correct BGP routes available via at least 90% of
comparable Internet service providers are absent from Provider's BGP
feed or do not otherwise function. Where such Partition persists for
at least 6 hours from notification, Provider shall make a 100% service
credit starting from notification. Where such Partition persists for
at least 24 hours, Customer may terminate this contract without
penalty until 30 days following the Partition's end."

> Would that get $provider's attention?

No. They'll either agree blindly or consider you a hard case. Either
way it won't change their actual behavior.

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