DataCenter color-coding cabling schema

Joe Hamelin joe at
Sat Mar 12 20:15:41 UTC 2016

I know at Clearwire data centers we used gray for network, blue for
management and orange for RS-232 console.  At least for the initial build.
Later re-work or additions were whatever the tech had on hand ;)  They also
had labels on each end of each wire showing the path through the system,
sometimes up to six lines.  It did make it easy to bring up a data center
and find cabling errors.  To see the system last more than a year or two up
upgrades would take some strong rules and oversight.  I think it would be
worth it if your management system can keep the religion.

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On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 11:11 AM, Yardiel Fuentes <yardiel at> wrote:

> Hello Nanog-ers,
> Have any of you had the option or; conversely, do you know of “best
> practices" or “common standards”,  to color code physical cabling for your
> connections in DataCenters for Base-T and FX connections? If so, Could you
> share  any ttype of color-coding schema you are aware of ?…. Yes, this is
> actually considering paying for customized color-coded cabling in a Data
> Center...
> Mr. Google did not really provide me with relevant answers on the above…
> beyond the typical (Orange is for MMF, yellow for SMF, etc)…
> Any reasons for or against it welcome too...
> --
> Yardiel Fuentes

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