Why the US Government has so many data centers

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Fri Mar 11 21:40:09 UTC 2016

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The U.S. government definition of data center is a bit like defining 
a warehouse as any room containing a single ream of paper.  Yes, 
warehouses are used to store reams of paper; but that doesn't make 
every place containing a ream of paper a warehouse.

--- Steve.Mikulasik at civeo.com wrote:

This is a great way to create a mess of rules. Need a server 
for running an app locally to a site? You need XYZ standards 
that make no sense for your deploy and increase the cost by 
10 times. 

Our server guys always try to set standards, then they run 
into a deploy where the needs are simple, but the standards 
make it significantly uneconomical.

Been there, done that, got many t-shirts.  There is no thought
at all to economics.  None.  People that have absolutely no 
experience in networking or computers (read: can barely operate 
M$ computers) make these rules/definitions/processes.  It's not 
even sausage when they're done.  It's post-digested sausage.  
For example, read about the OPM fiasco: 


I'm one of those 21.5 million people.  Fingerprints, SSN, 
address, etc, etc, etc.


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