Cogent - Google - HE Fun

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Fri Mar 11 07:55:13 UTC 2016

On 10/Mar/16 17:51, Owen DeLong wrote:

> I think it’s a little different from what you say…
> I think Google already reaches Cogent for IPv4 via transit.
> Google, long ago, announced that they would not be purchasing IPv6 transit and that they have an open peering policy for anyone who wishes to reach them. In order to avoid significant disruption, they haven’t terminated their IPv4 transit contracts, but it certainly makes sense that they would not be pursuing IPv6 transit contracts.

Understandable, but sort of moot if interconnect ports are dual-stack
and there are no discrete charges for IPv4 or IPv6.

Of course, if removal of IPv6 traffic saves bandwidth and operational
costs for Google interconnect with Cogent, then that makes sense to do.


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