finding whois servers, was .pro whois registry down?

Tony Finch dot at
Thu Mar 10 16:20:02 UTC 2016

John Levine <johnl at> wrote:
> I've set up <domain> (that's ws for Whois Server) which is
> updated every day from a variety of sources so it's pretty accurate.
> It's had the right server for all along.

It would be extra super helpful if every entry were a wildcard, so you
could look up (say) and get a CNAME for the right
whois server. The reason for this is that the relevant whois server is not
always keyed off just the TLD, and sometimes the TLD doesn't provide a
referral. A particular case I know of is vs. uk. You could have

*    CNAME

Then I could look up and and get the right pointer in each case with a
single DNS lookup.

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