IPV6 planning

Laurent Dumont admin at coldnorthadmin.com
Sat Mar 5 21:19:40 UTC 2016


We are currently considering deploying IPv6 for a Lan event in April. We 
are assigned a /48 which we then split into smaller subnets for each 
player vlan. That said, what remains to be decided is how we are going 
to assign the IPv6. Basically, it seems that are two ways, one SLAAC 
where the endpoints uses RA to generate it's own IP and DHCPv6 which is 
basically DHCP but for IPv6.

Large events like Dreamhack have used SLAAC and the feedback has been 
mostly positive. Can anyone comment regarding past experiences with IPv6 
gotchas and things that you don't really expect when running dual-stack 
on a large-ish network?



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