Juniper QFX5200-32C junos base services license and BGP

Stanislaw Datskevich me at
Fri Mar 4 06:19:01 UTC 2016

And the question is: is the QFX5200 platform that newer platform which
has license limits enforced?

It seems limits currently are "soft" as in previous platforms according
to vendor's documentation:
"Note: If you try to configure a feature that is not licensed, you will
receive syslog messages saying that you are using a feature that is
licensable and that you do not possess a license for the feature. If
you try to commit configuration changes for a feature that is not
licensed, you will receive a commit warning saying that you have
exceeded the allowed license limit for the feature."

> On 3/Mar/16 22:38, Tony Wicks wrote:
> > 
> > Um, you do realise that all the major vendors (including that well
> > Known
> > vendor) have people on this list ? Sending a question about taking
> > advantage
> > of said vendors light handed approach to licencing to this list is
> > somewhat
> > less than subtle ?
> I think his use of the word "trick" is what triggered your firewall
> :-).
> He could easily re-phrase the question as "Is there any risk with
> running BGP on the QFX5200 with the license warning"?
> Juniper already know that a lot of operators run their kit this way.
> Their only recourse is to enforce license limits in software, and we
> are
> seeing that with later releases + newer platforms.
> Mark.

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