AWS Direct Connect - Peering VPCs to Tier 1's and MPLS

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I haven't heard it from the horse's mouth, but I heard that the only way to have customers share an AWS DX (apparently) cross connect is through Equinix's cloud exchange service. Can anyone confirm that? It doesn't seem right that I could transport people to AWS all day long if they buy their own cross connect, but once we share, I have to go through someone offering a competitive service. 

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VPC is supported over IPsec if your public path is sufficient into the AWS 

AWS shortens DirectConnect to DX not DC for some reason. 

The AWS DirectConnect service is built on 10G infrastructure so using 
potentially larger interconnects over public peerings with IPsec could be 

DX requires fiber cross connects in addition to any other AWS peerings that 
you may have at a particular location. 

-Mike O'Connor 

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> Just got this dropped on my desk an hour ago, and I'm not finding as much 
> material online as I might have hoped for... 
> It looks like the easiest solution is to just hang a router/firewall at 
> Equinix Ashburn and AWS-DC to that, and then peer it to carriers both IP 
> and 
> MPLS; is there a "native" way to do that from an AWS VPC instead? 
> Any public or private replies cheerfully accepted; will summarize what I 
> can to the list. 
> Cheers, 
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