Thank you, Comcast.

Philip Dorr tagno25 at
Fri Feb 26 16:04:08 UTC 2016

On Feb 26, 2016 8:34 AM, "Keith Medcalf" <kmedcalf at> wrote:
> ISP's should block nothing, to or from the customer, unless they make it
clear *before* selling the service (and include it in the Terms and
Conditions of Service Contract), that they are not selling an Internet
connection but are selling a partially functional Internet connection (or a
limited Internet Service), and specifying exactly what the built-in
deficiencies are.
> Deficiencies may include:
>   port/protocol blockage toward the customer (destination blocks)
>   port/protocol blockage toward the internet (source blocks)
>   DNS diddling (filtering of responses, NXDOMAIN redirection/wildcards,
>   Traffic Shaping/Policing/Congestion policies, inbound and outbound
> Some ISPs are good at this and provide opt-in/out methods for at least
the first three on the list.  Others not so much.

Every ISP I have felt with that messes with the DNS, has no valid opt-out
other than using different DNS.  The opt-out they use is a HTTP cookie,
which only works for web browsers.  It doesn't work for any other program.

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