Verizon Fios, WashDC gateway problem

Paul Paukstelis shocksofmighty at
Wed Feb 17 01:54:31 UTC 2016

Apologies for a post as a non-expert, but it was suggested that I see if 
any Verizon techs are reading here and to solicit opinions on fixing a 
peculiar problem.

I noticed about a month ago that all upload traffic from my home router 
(Fios) to a specific work machine was extremely slow. I first thought it 
was an issue with the destination NIC, or something with the university 
gateway. I had normal upload speeds to other destination machines in the 
same building on the same subnet, etc. Eventually, I swapped IPs on the 
two machines, and found that the problem had to do with routing to a 
specific IP, not the destination machine itself. I confirmed first with 
wireshark that there was packet loss resulting in constant TCP Fast 
Retransmits when uploading to the affected host IP. traceroute showed 
that the affected and unaffected traffic went through different Verizon 
gateways ( and, respectively; I've ultimately 
found that four different gateways are used depending on the destination 
IP). mtr confirmed consistent 10% packet loss at This tells me that there is 
clearly a problem with this device, but I have yet to be able to 
convince Verizon there is a problem. I thought I might just VPN around 
it, but as luck would have it the university VPN IP gets routed through 
the bad gateway. This has to be impacting a significant number of Fios 
customers in the DC/MD area. 25% of all upload traffic (assuming a 
normal distribution of destination IPs) gets routed through this bad 

Any thoughts on how to get in touch with someone from Verizon that can 
help with this or any specific ideas on what this problem might be which 
I can try to pass along?


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