Devices with only USB console port - Need a Console Server Solution

Robert Drake rdrake at
Wed Feb 3 01:03:22 UTC 2016

On 2/2/2016 5:02 AM, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> No inside pictures :)
> Assuming that this is really an USB device, and that the console port is
> really an USB host port, it would be useful to know the USB decriptors
> of the device.  You wouldn't be willing to connect it to a Linux PC and
> run "lsusb -vd", would you?
I'm inconveniently consoled into one via a combination of remote desktop 
into windows -- linux console on a virtual machine -- screen 
/dev/ttyACM0.   Because of this posting lsusb -vd is taxing.

Linux has full support for the device.  It sees it as cdc_acm.

The vendor id is 0x04e2 (Exar Corp).  Product ID is 0x1410.   I've got 
two connected right now.  This is in our lab and the windows box is 
temporary.  Our intention is to use a raspberry pi for the terminal server.

I'm obviously not in front of it, but I'm wondering if they can be 
enumerated by something other than when they were plugged in. That's my 
biggest hurdle for making a console server for them.. how to figure out 
what router is connected to which USB port after a reboot, or someone 
getting unpluggy with cables.

> Bjørn


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