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Scott Helms khelms at
Tue Feb 2 17:24:38 UTC 2016


Absolutely, if your plant is in Europe or one of the other areas (lots of
Africa and the middle East is like that) that adopted EuroDOCSIS I'd agree
wholeheartedly.  I didn't see Colton say where they're located, but all
North America is the US flavor so that's what I assume on NANOG.

That being said, the best thing that seldom gets mentioned about D3.1 is
getting us to unified channelization.
Scott Helms wrote:
> That very small upside for an extreme downside.Trying to hire someone
> to work on your system with Euro channelization, not to mention buying
> amplifiers and passives is a huge PITA.

... if your plant is in the US.

> I have customers in Europe who
> decided to do US DOCSIS and they universally wish they had used the
> local "flavor".

as you say, eurodocsis works well in europe.

3.1 will be a major improvement when it materialises.


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