Devices with only USB console port - Need a Console Server Solution

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Tue Feb 2 10:02:10 UTC 2016

Erik Sundberg <ESundberg at> writes:

> Just some follow up on this one. I have also posed in the C-NSP list
> Yes you do need to have this kit to have serial console, No a normal
> USB-DB9 Console adapters do not work.

Which could be because the driver for that particular Console adapters
is missing.  Or even that the driver is there, but recognizing specific
Cisco device IDs only.  As you are probably aware, there are no standard
USB-DB9 Console adapters.  They are all vendor specific.  But the
cloning industry has created a few semi-standards based on specific

> Here are some pictures of the ASR920 Console kit A920-CONS-KIT-S

No inside pictures :)

Assuming that this is really an USB device, and that the console port is
really an USB host port, it would be useful to know the USB decriptors
of the device.  You wouldn't be willing to connect it to a Linux PC and
run "lsusb -vd", would you?


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