Dear Windstream engineers

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Mon Feb 1 01:08:26 UTC 2016

Yes, of course Windstream supports RTBH, we have a standard community and have had for years, depending on which legacy AS you connect with us the tag you would have been given might be different. Our current AS7029 standard for RTBH is to tag your route(s) with 4506 and we will black hole the tagged route at our edge.

As you know Windstream (like many ISP's) is a collection of legacy AS's, we have merged all our legacy AS's into one and now operate as only AS7029 but you might still be peering as a customer with us using one of our 12 former AS's, such as Paetec AS1785, as we employed the alias knob to integrate our AS's to not have to "touch" every BGP customer, this is pretty standard practice as we work on consolidating our IP Networks.

We have been and continue to work through our standardization of our BGP policy and have not yet reached all of the thousands of BGP speaking customers. We have been working with our Product, Sales and Sales Engineering organizations to get the word out to our customers about our *new* standard communities and policies and the fact that ultimately we would like all our BGP customers to peer with AS7029 and convert from using one of the many legacy AS's we operated under.

Please contact me directly (Michael.Hoyt at<mailto:Michael.Hoyt at>) and/or Paul Thompson  (paul.thompson at<mailto:paul.thompson at>) and we can involve your account team and work with any Windstream  BGP customer to ensure you can tag your routes with our new standards and receive your desired route propagation results.


Mike Hoyt
VP, IP Engineering
Windstream Communications

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