DWDM on 250 Km dark fiber without re-amplification

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at snappytelecom.net
Sun Dec 25 00:53:00 UTC 2016

I agree with what Baldur suggested..

Only thing I would point out that .. 
Hardly anyone installs 200km fiber runs without having some sort of a Regen facility.

While you can push the signal over the 200km link, in the long run you may be better off see if there a Regen facility (typically 70/80km) that you can use to re-generate the light.

Best of luck.

Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom

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> Hello
> I have not done this as our links are not that long. However in theory
> this is how I would do it. There are nice integrated solutions that will
> do it as a black box, but someone else will have to tell you about that.
> I am using Fiberstore as a reference because they have the necessary
> components with pricing directly online, but there is of course multiple
> alternatives.
> So first off forget about 40G and 100G. This will be N x 10G and N can
> be as large as 96 channels. 100G would be the same equipment (possibly
> without dispersion compensation) but with each 100G stream as four 25G
> wavelengths. However the optics are very expensive and hard to get for
> 40G and 100G while 10G is relatively cheap and easy.
> You need the following components:
> http://www.fs.com/support/dwdm-edfa-amplifier-for-long-haul-applications-100
> They list all you need with a nice drawing. Get the components from them
> or someone else. The nice integrated solutions are just these components
> in a box.
> They only list the solution as 200 km. You will have to send them a mail
> and ask if they can do 225 km.
> Also you need to check that the black fiber provider allows amplified
> signals at this level. Not everyone do. Normally the signals are not
> that dangerous, but with this a unaware tech can go blind if he is
> unlucky. It is not clear if the Fiberstore equipment automatically turns
> of the laser in the case of a fiber cut and that might also be a
> requirement.
> Regards,
> Baldur
> Den 24/12/2016 kl. 01.14 skrev Jeremy:
>> Hi all,
>> First, i'm sorry for my english, i'm french and i don't have a good
>> level in this language. But i want some informations and i'm sure,
>> someone will be give the good anwser about my question.
>> So, i'm regarding to rent a dual dark fiber in France, the estimated
>> distance is 225 Km, but i know there are a lot of optical switching on
>> the highway where it's fiber is installed (in theory, all 80 Km). So,
>> i used the bad scenario, in adding 25 Km on my need.
>> I would like to buy a amplificator and multiplexer DWDM to add some
>> 10Gb/s waves on this dark fiber. I've see that the amplification is
>> better on 100 Gb/s synchronised ports, but we don't have enoug
>> capacity on our router to add 100 Gb/s interfaces.
>> So, someone has installed this type of hardware on a dark fiber
>> without regeneration  on 250 Km of distance ?
>> If yes, with what kind of hardware ? If you are commercial for this
>> hardware, please contact me in private message.
>> Thanks you for your time,
>> Jérémy
>> AS197922

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