DWDM on 250 Km dark fiber without re-amplification

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 19:30:40 UTC 2016


I have not done this as our links are not that long. However in theory 
this is how I would do it. There are nice integrated solutions that will 
do it as a black box, but someone else will have to tell you about that. 
I am using Fiberstore as a reference because they have the necessary 
components with pricing directly online, but there is of course multiple 

So first off forget about 40G and 100G. This will be N x 10G and N can 
be as large as 96 channels. 100G would be the same equipment (possibly 
without dispersion compensation) but with each 100G stream as four 25G 
wavelengths. However the optics are very expensive and hard to get for 
40G and 100G while 10G is relatively cheap and easy.

You need the following components:


They list all you need with a nice drawing. Get the components from them 
or someone else. The nice integrated solutions are just these components 
in a box.

They only list the solution as 200 km. You will have to send them a mail 
and ask if they can do 225 km.

Also you need to check that the black fiber provider allows amplified 
signals at this level. Not everyone do. Normally the signals are not 
that dangerous, but with this a unaware tech can go blind if he is 
unlucky. It is not clear if the Fiberstore equipment automatically turns 
of the laser in the case of a fiber cut and that might also be a 



Den 24/12/2016 kl. 01.14 skrev Jeremy:
> Hi all,
> First, i'm sorry for my english, i'm french and i don't have a good 
> level in this language. But i want some informations and i'm sure, 
> someone will be give the good anwser about my question.
> So, i'm regarding to rent a dual dark fiber in France, the estimated 
> distance is 225 Km, but i know there are a lot of optical switching on 
> the highway where it's fiber is installed (in theory, all 80 Km). So, 
> i used the bad scenario, in adding 25 Km on my need.
> I would like to buy a amplificator and multiplexer DWDM to add some 
> 10Gb/s waves on this dark fiber. I've see that the amplification is 
> better on 100 Gb/s synchronised ports, but we don't have enoug 
> capacity on our router to add 100 Gb/s interfaces.
> So, someone has installed this type of hardware on a dark fiber 
> without regeneration  on 250 Km of distance ?
> If yes, with what kind of hardware ? If you are commercial for this 
> hardware, please contact me in private message.
> Thanks you for your time,
> Jérémy
> AS197922

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