Recent NTP pool traffic increase (update)

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Fri Dec 23 00:04:54 UTC 2016


Those servers aren’t (and have never been) part of the NTP Pool -

If they were you could remove them from the system and over the next hours, days and months the traffic would go away. We also have features to change the relative amount of clients you get (to just get less queries instead of withdrawing from the pool altogether).

Anyway, it looks like your IPs are listed on as “public servers”, so removing them from there would be step 1. However there’s no working mechanism for you to tell the clients that they should go away after they’ve hard coded your IP in their configuration. (That’s the point of the NTP Pool system really, to let you offer a public service and have a avenue to stop doing it, too). appears to be down, but your IPs are listed on the site according to a Google search:


> On Dec 21, 2016, at 7:13 PM, FUJIMURA Sho <fujimura at> wrote:
> Hello.
> I operate the public NTP Service as
> and at Fukuoka University, Japan.
> I have a lot of trouble with too much NTP traffic from
> many routers which as default setting of NTP
> has been set like Tenda or LB-Link etc.
> So, although I'd like to contact Firmware developpers of these company
> and would like them to change the default settins,
> is there the person knowing the contact information?
> -- 
> Information Technology Center, Fukuoka University.
> 8-19-1, Nanakuma, Jyonan-ku, Fukuoka, 8140180, Japan

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