Recent NTP pool traffic increase

Harlan Stenn stenn at
Wed Dec 21 04:02:16 UTC 2016

On 12/20/16 7:27 PM, Laurent Dumont wrote:
> I do think that the point of the Pool network is to be used by both
> consumers and vendors. And as mentioned before, there is a process if
> you are a vendor and want to use the pool within a commercial product. I
> have 3 NTP servers running and I don't really care who is using it.
> That said, setting up your own infrastructure is also worth considering
> if it's a business critical feature. I assume that a Snapchat app that
> fails to have accurate time or correct itself could be abused.
> To be honest, the fact that NTP is still something managed by volunteers
> and not a regulated entity (a bit like DNS) is mind boggling.

Time *is* managed by regulated entities - the National Time Labs.

And Network Time Foundation's NTP Project (the reference implementation
for NTP) could do lots more if we had a useful budget.

Folks pay money for DNS registrations.  There's no revenue stream around

Help us get enough support to NTF, and we'll have the staff and
infrastructure to do more for folks.
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