Wanted: volunteers with bandwidth/storage to help save climate data

Rob McEwen rob at invaluement.com
Fri Dec 16 21:35:36 UTC 2016

On 12/16/2016 3:30 PM, Ken Chase wrote:
> http://abcnews.go.com/US/north-carolina-bans-latest-science-rising-sea-level/story?id=16913782

North Carolina is not banning science. It is banning absolutely 
preposterous and manipulated junk science.

A 39-inch rise in the ocean levels over the next century is based on 
fear-mongering and junk science designed to scare politicians into 
increasing grant $$ from the federal government. It is not based on science.

In fact, the sea levels continue to rise at the SAME TINY 2-4mm per year 
that they've been rising at for decades, with ZERO sign of an increase.

If global warming was real and cumulative - this shouldn't even be 
possible, based all that we've been told over the past 20 years.

Every article that states that oceans rising at alarmingly faster rates 
- due to global warming - either lie about or manipulate the the data... 
or they grab one relatively small short term spike and extrapolates from 

Meanwhile, dozens of sea-level rising predictions from so-called 
credible scientists have not only failed, but failed by order of 
magnitudes, and again, relied upon junk science. True science makes 
"risky predictions" and is willing to throw out the theory when that 
theories "risky predictions" don't come true.

But I truly due hope that this collection process is successful because 
I hope that ALL of this (mostly) manipulated data gets recorded for 
posterity so that (honest) scientists a century from now can do 
extensive studies on how/why science became so political and manipulated 
as they look back on the first few decades of the 21st century's slide 
into a strong long-term cooling trend, due to long term cyclical sun cycles.

This is not a victim-less crime. This manipulation of the data by global 
warmongers harms people because is miscalculates resources and damages 
the economy. Does that mean we should spew toxic waste into rivers or 
streams or spew smog into the air? Of course not. But global warming and 
CO2 being a cause of it... and "oceans rising" has MUCH junk science 
behind it.

Still, I hope this data is preserved. The truth will win out in the long 
term. (as is already starting to happen)

Rob McEwen

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