Wanted: volunteers with bandwidth/storage to help save climate data

Ken Chase math at sizone.org
Fri Dec 16 16:30:08 UTC 2016

Surfing through the links - any hints on how big these datasets are? Everyone's got
a few TB to throw at things, but fewer of us have spare PB to throw around.

There's some random #s on the goog doc sheet for sizes (100's of TB for the
landsat archive seems credible), and there's one number that destroys
credibility of the sheet (100000000000 GB (100 ZB)) for the EPA archive.

The other page has many 'TBA' entries for size.

Not sure what level of player one needs to be to be able to serve a useful 
segment of these archives. I realize some of the datasets are tiny (<GB)
but which ones are most important vs size (ie the win-per-byte ratio) isnt indicated.
(I know its early times.)

Also I hope they've SHA512'd the datasets for authenticity before all these
myriad copies being flungabout are 'accused' of being manipulated 'to promote
the climate change agenda' yadda.

Canada: time to step up! (Cant imagine the Natl Research Council would do so
on their mirror site, too much of a gloves-off slap in the face to Trump.)


On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 06:02:46PM +0200, DaKnOb said:
  >If you???re interested, there???s also a Slack team: climatemirror.slack.com
  >You can find more info about that here:
  >- https://climate.daknob.net/
  >- http://climatemirror.org/
  >- http://www.ppehlab.org/datarefuge
  >Thank you for your help!
  >> On 16 Dec 2016, at 17:58, Rich Kulawiec <rsk at gsp.org> wrote:
  >> This is a short-term (about one month) project being thrown together
  >> in a hurry...and it could use some help.  I know that some of
  >> you have lots of resources to throw at this, so if you have an
  >> interest in preserving a lot of scientific research data, I've set
  >> up a mailing list to coordinate IT efforts to help out.  Signup via
  >> climatedata-request at firemountain.net or, if you prefer Mailman's web
  >> interface, http://www.firemountain.net/mailman/listinfo/climatedata
  >> should work.
  >> Thanks,
  >> ---rsk

Ken Chase - math at sizone.org Guelph Canada

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