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>>What is your suggestion to keep the sky from falling?
>My full answer, if fully elaborated, would bore you and 
>everybody else to tears, so I'll try to give you an 
>abbreviated version.
>It seems to be that it comes down to three things... 
>acceptance, leadership, and new thinking.
>In acceptance you seem to want various laws made to 
>control it.  


>In leadership you seem to want the masses to uprise against 
>the "tier 1" folks and force it there.

Actually, I'm not 100% sure even that would do it.  Look at the banks,
who are now widley loathed, and yet they still continue to get away
with massive crimes and nobody is seriously punished.  But wider public
awarness of jsut what the problems are, and just who can and should be
working to correct them would be helpful.

>In new thinking you seem to want various governments to
>band together to form a "law of cyber" coalition


>and for a "you must be this tall to ride the internet" measurement.

No, I never said that.  I don't care how tall you are, or how young or
how old or how whatever you are.  You should be able to use the Internet.
But with privledges should come some accountability, and that is entirely
lacking at present.

>You also mention "When is the industry going to start 
>admitting to itself that individual end-lusers can be
>dangerous, sometimes even to the tune of $tens of millions 
>of dollars?  In short, when is this industry going to start 
>vetting people..."
>I believe 'this industry' does recognize it and no one can 
>get a list of everyone on this planet that is allowed to 
>'play' on the internet.

Correct.  And that is a major part of the problem.

>Did I get the gist of your response correct?

Partially.  See above.


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