Favorite Speed Test Systems

Mike O'Connor mjo at dojo.mi.org
Wed Dec 7 01:45:11 UTC 2016

:On 05-12-2016 16:34, Nick Ryce wrote:
:> For testing downloads, fast.com is pretty nice
:The problem with fast.com is that they use HTTPS for the test. The user needs
:a fast computer to decode the SSL at full speed. Even if you have a very fast
:computer the test will max out at 100-200 Mbps because the Netflix servers
:are apparently not able to encode SSL any faster. Maybe we would get better
:speed if multiple SSL connections were used.

I've run into the opposite problem -- fast.com sporadically reporting
1+ Gbps times for circuits that are only 20-40 Mbps.  There's no obvious
client-side issues -- no proxying, interesting browsers, etc.  fast.com
is glitchy just often enough to give some friends of mine silly glee
when it misreports.


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