Favorite Speed Test Systems

J nanog at namor.ca
Tue Dec 6 14:52:35 UTC 2016

I've used Visualware's My Connection Server, and the stats it gives are decent.

Haven't yet updated to the latest version, which seems to be require client software installation, however.


Have also used Ookla's, but it seems more useful to join their speedtest network, than host the standalone, now.

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On 5 December 2016 at 14:50, Graham Johnston <johnstong at westmancom.com> 
> Are there others? What is your preferred one and why? 
​Generally I don't bother with speed testers unless I'm wanting a quick 
guesstimate -- I wouldn't recommend using them as a measure of how "fast" 
an internet connection is because there's always other factors in 
contention, and it only tests the path to the speedtester. 
Having said that, despite the obnoxious adverts on the site, speedof.me 
provides a really nice non-flash interface that is an excellent teaching 
tool for showing people how TCP congestion windows work, and lets you 
demonstrate to people the effect of buffers in a network etc. 
I'll be taking notes if anyone provides anything else similar that does a 
similar (if not better) job, maybe one that can be self-hosted too! 

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