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I was told by some high up people in Ericsson several years ago that their
target for the Redback range is the top dozen telco's and they are not
really interested in smaller customers. It's a shame, because the Redback in
many ways is still superior to other offerings IMHO. To the OP's question -

1. The Nokia 7750 is a good option, but you would likely need the larger
7750-SR or 7750-e over the 7750-a series as the "a" does not have the MS-ISA
card option that allows access to several key BNG functions. Likely outside
of budget once spares etc are taken into account

2. Cisco ASR1K, likely this will do what you need, the advantage if the 1K
range is it's just a big CPU based box, so you don't need add on cards to do
anything fancy. There is also affordable support and an active grey market
option available (2x asr1006-esp40).

3. A virtual offering from Juniper (VMX) or Cisco might work for you.
Nokia's offering is a bit too new.

I would choose option 2 with option 3 as a backup if you want to get things
going quickly. Unless money is not an option then option 1 (2x 7750-sr7 or

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2nded, I tried for months to get Ericsson to get us a quote and sort us out
with a solution as I'd used their kit and liked it in the past.

Exactly as Tim said, they just didn't seem interested if you're not after a
big $$ solution.

We went with ASR1k as cisco came to the party on price and we were already
using 7200 at the time.  No complaints.


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