Looking for some Quagga experience to discuss 32 bit ASN + community issue with

Eric Germann ekgermann at semperen.com
Fri Dec 2 17:13:25 UTC 2016

So from reading the draft, if I’m understanding it correctly, I should be able (with the patch) to encode the 32 bit ASN + a community in to this as


Is that correct?


> On Dec 2, 2016, at 2:27 AM, Job Snijders <job at instituut.net> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 02, 2016 at 09:00:57AM +0000, Nick Hilliard wrote:
>> Eric Germann wrote:
>>> Basically trying to advertise 4 byte ASN’s + communities, and then
>>> pick them off elsewhere in a private network.  Can’t get the config
>>> right for the route map to import them on the “receiving” side.
>> yes, sounds about right.  There is a massive feature deficit regarding
>> BGP communities suitable for asn32s, in that the feature just doesn't
>> really exist yet.  This is being remedied at the moment at the ietf,
>> which has just moved the draft-ietf-idr-large-community internet draft
>> to "Publication Requested" state.
>> The feature hasn't made it into mainline quagga yet, but there is a
>> patch.
> The quagga patch is being developed against quagga 1.1.0, the latest
> version of the patch (0008-) is available here and would benefit from
> more testing: https://bugzilla.quagga.net/show_bug.cgi?id=875#c13
> The patch should provide a feature-complete implementation of Large
> Communities, but the daemon crashes sometimes. We don't know why yet.
> However I am proud to report that it compiles! :-)
>> Also, please prod your commercial vendors for support for this.
> Yes!
> Even if a vendor is listed as 'Planned' or 'Requested' on the
> http://largebgpcommunities.net/implementations/ page, it really helps if
> you email your account manager stating "Large Communities is what i want".
> Most vendors have a big backlog of feature requests and no shortage of
> ideas. This operational community must make it unambiguously clear to
> the vendors that Large Communities is the thing that needs to be
> shipping in 2017. This peer pressure will help them to prioritize the
> development, testing, Q&A, documentation development, internal &
> external marketing etc to get it done.
> So, pause your IPv6 deployments for one day, and start calling your
> Huawei, Cisco (ask separately for IOS and XR), Juniper, Nokia, Arista,
> Brocade, ZTE, or Microsoft representatives and ask for it by name! :-)
> Kind regards,
> Job

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