Cloudflare reverse DNS SERVFAIL, normal?

Owen DeLong owen at
Tue Aug 30 23:43:59 UTC 2016

> On Aug 30, 2016, at 15:50 , Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Aug 2016 14:39:10 -0700, Owen DeLong said:
>> I run a pair of nameservers. Let’s call them
>> and
>> Someone registers and points NS records in the COM zone at my
>> nameservers.
> I would have expected that the resulting NXDOMAIN replies from ns1 and ns2
> would usually make this a self-correcting problem.

You don’t get NXDOMAIN when a nameserver gets a request for a zone it doesn’t

You either get SERVFAIL or you  get NS records back as a referral.

> Are there actually people who do this misconfiguration on a zone big enough
> for the traffic to matter, and leave it that way for very long before they
> clue in that things aren't working right?  I'd think that if somebody points
> at you, it might take you quite some
> time to notice - and if somebody whoopsies and points's NS records
> at you, the resulting disfunction would be noticed fairly soon….

Depends on your definition of “matter”.

Also, misconfiguring one important zone doesn’t necessarily generate significantly
more traffic than generating a whole lot of unimportant ones. Especially if
you misconfigure zones in or as was the case at the
beginning of this topic.

> (Miscreants who do this intentionally are, of course, a totally different
> kettle of fish, and need to be dealt with as micreants....)

Yep, though one has to wonder why they would bother.


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