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Eric Kuhnke eric.kuhnke at
Tue Aug 30 23:26:40 UTC 2016

Does this mean you could drive around with a (illegal, but not difficult to
build or obtainl) 20W wide band VHF/UHF jammer radio fed into a 1 meter
parabolic dish, aim it at random buildings and set off peoples' halon
systems?  Wow.

On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 1:46 PM, <bzs at> wrote:

> About the worst that ever happened to me was a security guy's
> walkie-talkie setting off an instant Halon drop. Cost about $10,000 to
> refill and was fairly exciting for those present. That also cut the
> machine room's power.
> At least it didn't set off the sprinkler system.
> We sat down with the Halon system vendor to find out why that happened
> after proving, on a by-passed system, that yes indeed one of these
> common walkie-talkies sets the thing off.
> File under: More Things To Worry About!
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