Friday's Random Comment - About: Arista and FIB/RIB's

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Fri Apr 29 19:19:20 UTC 2016

Den 29. apr. 2016 15.31 skrev "Nick Hilliard" <nick at>:
> Laszlo Hanyecz wrote:
> > I'm curious about specific failure modes that can result from this, if
> > anyone can share examples/experience with it.
> The canonical pathological case is where the deaggregated prefixes are
> affected by upstream topology changes and suddenly your optimisations
> which saved you N% of forwarding lookup table capacity are wiped out to
> zero and you end up with no ability to look up next-hops.

With two uplinks that is highly unlikely to the point of being impossible.
There is no topology change upstream that can cause a situation where it is
not possible to do a high degree of aggregation of the full default free
routing table before loading it in the FIB.



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