carrier grade fax boards?

Mike Hale at
Thu Apr 28 17:14:08 UTC 2016

Not really fax board, but there are ATA (analog telephony (?)
adapters) that handle fax very well (and others that just suck at it).

Certain versions of the Cisco ATA 180 series worked really well even
over satellite; others were terrible.  It's somewhat of a hit or miss

How many users are you supporting?  If you're looking for a device to
just put on-prem at a customer site to handle fax, those ATAs are
pretty easy to find.

On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 8:06 AM, Robert Jacobs <rjacobs at> wrote:
> I would not consider any fax board "carrier grade" that uses sip .... sip to pots for faxes is still hit and miss.
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>> I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on carrier grade fax
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> What would "carrier grade" even *mean* for a fax board?

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