carrier grade fax boards?

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Thu Apr 28 11:02:03 UTC 2016

When you use the terms 'SIP' and 'Fax/Board' in the same sentence, it sort of becomes an oxymoron.

In the analog world, we used to use 'Carrier grade' Fax/boards made by BrookTrout which was then acquired by Dialogic. (Truefax line), and there were a couple of others.. mostly these were cards with large amount of DSP's used for fax processing multiple channels on digital links (BRI/PRI/T1's etc).

Since SIP is a 'communication protocol' which works with IP, there is no need for 'Fax/Board', since all everything needed can be done via software. The only reason one may need Hardware is to convert SIP to traditional TDM (POTS line or PRI/T1/E1 etc). Most of us are used to referring to these devices as IAD's.

Having said that, what are you looking to do ? Traditional TDM fax or SIP based FOIP ?



Faisal Imtiaz
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> Fax hardware/boards that other members have used  within service provider
> environments to deliver services to their end users .
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> What would "carrier grade" even *mean* for a fax board?

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