Tom Hill tom at
Wed Apr 27 00:25:33 UTC 2016

On 26/04/16 14:27, Chris Welti wrote:
> Judging from the NCS 5001 configuration guides they (NCS5K) don't support
> any VPLS, is that correct? Just EoMPLS?

It's not targeted as a full-feature box AFAIK. You've got the ASR9k and
ASR9xx series for this sort of thing.

I do recall some mention of NCS5k supporting Segment Routing though -
that seemed quite handy for future MPLS P requirements.

>> Some might be thinking "9001 upgrade!" but it's more likely direct
>> competition to Arista's recent moves. That and I still hope there will
>> be a MOD200-ish 9001 replacement to come at some point.
> I had hoped for MOD400-ish 9001 replacement for a while,
> however, I was told an ASR9001 successor is highly unlikely
> in the next few years unless a very large customer asks for it.

I've heard some rumours to the contrary - presumably it could still be
canned. Tomahawk is still quite new, and the 9001 still sells well, so
perhaps the market just isn't ready yet. I guarantee Cisco's sales of
any given product proceed along these lines:

 1. Product sales for flagship $model are good
 2. Announce flagship $model+1 to public
 3. Product sales for $model plummet, whilst everyone waits for $model+1

Sometimes that's good, sometimes that's really bad. :)

>> Oh - and it's NCS 55k, not NCS 5k. The NCS 5508 is already a product,
>> noted for its better buffers than the NCS 5001 & 5002 (which also
>> already exist).
> Does the NCS 5508 support VPLS?

I don't recall looking closely, but I very much doubt it due to the
reasons mentioned above.


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