Tom Hill tom at
Tue Apr 26 00:03:48 UTC 2016

On 19/04/16 14:46, Chris Welti wrote:
> According to some slides from a russian cisco connect event, the 
> upcoming small-size NCS 5501 and NCS 5502 will support 1M+ FIB and
> 50ms per port buffers. Seem to be killer boxes. 48x100GE in 2RU with
> large FIB & buffers? Loving it already. I wonder what prices will
> look like for those.

I'd heard rumours... But those are interesting specifications. The
NCS5501 isn't too far away from the Arista 7280R, and is probably
Jericho underneath, too. But with a good MPLS stack, as is the case for
the other NCS devices.

Some might be thinking "9001 upgrade!" but it's more likely direct
competition to Arista's recent moves. That and I still hope there will
be a MOD200-ish 9001 replacement to come at some point.

Oh - and it's NCS 55k, not NCS 5k. The NCS 5508 is already a product,
noted for its better buffers than the NCS 5001 & 5002 (which also
already exist).


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