As a SP, what is your standard CoS configuration on JunOS?

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Mon Apr 25 05:03:25 UTC 2016

On 19/Apr/16 06:07, Sean Kennedy wrote:

> I realize that every SP handles marking and queueing/scheduling
> differently, but I am curious to see other provider's 'standard'
> config for QoS that is deployed on the JunOS platform.  What config do
> apply to all your ingress interfaces for classification?  How are your
> core link schedulers configured?  What kind of remarking do you do
> (specifically on packets arriving on internet-facing interfaces)?  If
> you have a converged network carrying both internet and
> carrier-eth/transport traffic, how do you handle guaranteeing
> bandwidth to the carrier eth services?

Upstream and peering facing ports get re-marked to DSCP 0 on ingress.
Outbound traffic toward customers from any sources, as well as traffic
handed off to upstreams and peers is re-marked to DSCP 0 prior to be
pushed out, as we've noticed "bad things" can happen when other networks
do special things with non-DSCP 0 values they may receive.


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