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Saku Ytti saku at
Sun Apr 24 16:25:47 UTC 2016

On 24 April 2016 at 09:08, Colton Conor <colton.conor at> wrote:


> I guess you are right the QFX10002-36Q is probably a better comparison. But
> let's be honest, Juniper is not going to sell a QFX10002-36Q for less than
> $20k like Arista will do for a semi- similar box. Even with a high discount
> (like 90 percent off list), the Juniper QFX10002-36Q at $360k list price
> comes nowhere close on the price point. Cisco, Juniper, ALU, etc are all not
> going to see a low cost high density fixed switch because that would
> cannibalize on their sales on the larger platforms. I really think Arista is
> kind of unique here as they don't have another routing platform to
> cannibalize, so they are competitively pricing their platform.

20k seems a stretch, that's like 94.5% discount, it's not unheard off.
If you have volume, I would imagine it being doable.

 > So I guess the question becomes, what features are missing that Arista does
> not currently have? They seems to be adding more and more features, and
> taking more market share. Here is a list of features supported:
> I
> have not personally used Arista myself, but I like what I am seeing as far
> as price point, company culture, and repruatation in the market place. I
> know their switching is solid, but I am not sure about their routing.

Yeah they are ccertainly much behind in features, but if you don't
need those features, it's probably actually an advantage. For my
use-cases Arista's MPLS stack is not there.

> Arista claims to have much, much faster BGP convergence time than all the
> other vendors.

I wouldn't be surprised, but honestly the competition does not set the
bar high there.


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