CDN, Steam, Origin and NAT.

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Thu Apr 21 16:07:48 UTC 2016

I do the network for a few lan parties. Last year we had 400+ people on 3 IPs and didn't have any issues. I don't think those services are that picky anymore since the rise of CGN.

Just a side thing, but my advice is to look into setting up a lancache server for Steam.

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We are running a small-ish LAN event in Toronto where we have to use a single IP address to NAT between 250-350 players. I have been made aware of possible issues with different services like Steam, Origin and Twitch who can run into issues when a large number of connections seem to originate from a single IP address. I just wanted to poke the list to see if anyone can chime him on their experiences with NATing customers and the impact it might have on public services. I am usually using public IP address space for players when designing most large LAN events. Dealing with NAT for a medium-ish amount of customers is not something I am used to do.

It feels silly to worry about that when you assume that WISP
sometimes(mostly?) use CGN when providing internet to customers. The same could be said of most large office buildings around the world.

I appreciate any input on the matter!



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