Mobile providers in the US for backup access

Mike Hammett nanog at
Wed Apr 20 18:35:01 UTC 2016

I'd look at FreedomPOP's Netgear 341U. $20 - $50 NRC, single digit MRC for low usage. 

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A while ago some people mentioned that some US carriers have basic internet 
plans for backup access to their equipment. A few questions: 
1) Do they give you a public IP per connection or do you tunnel back to a 
central location and then connect via the tunnel? 
2) Which carriers offer this and what kind of devices do you use to 
connect? Is it simply a GSM card on a "MyFi" like device? We have lots of 
Pi's out there that we want backup access to. 
3) Can you send off list contacts and pricing that you have gotten in the 



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