[Non-DoD Source] Re: G root not responding on UDP?

Cassell, James D CIV DISA IE (US) james.d.cassell4.civ at mail.mil
Fri Apr 15 21:23:27 UTC 2016

Regarding yesterday's G-root outage:

Like many outages, this one resulted from a series of unfortunate events.
These unfortunate events were operational errors; steps have been taken to
prevent any reoccurrence, and to provide better service in the future.

Jim Cassell

From: NANOG [nanog-bounces at nanog.org] on behalf of Robert Kisteleki [robert at ripe.net]
Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2016 12:57 PM
To: Anurag Bhatia; NANOG Mailing List
Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Re: G root not responding on UDP?

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On 2016-04-14 14:29, Robert Kisteleki wrote:
> On 2016-04-14 13:30, Anurag Bhatia wrote:
>> Hello everyone
>> I wonder if it's just me or anyone else also finding issues in g root
>> reachability?
>> ICMP, trace, UDP DNS queries all timing out. Only TCP seem to work.
> It's not only you:
> Caution-https://atlas.ripe.net/dnsmon/?dnsmon.session.color_range_pls=0-5-5-25-100&dnsmon.session.exclude-errors=true&dnsmon.type=server-probes&dnsmon.server=

... and it recovered already:



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