10G-capable customer router recommendations?

Tony Wicks tony at wicks.co.nz
Fri Apr 15 23:21:25 UTC 2016

Hmm, the chances of getting a single flow of more than 1gig to/from the "internet" is close to zero in a CPE situation. If the Connection is a service provider or similar sure, this limitation may well apply, but a home user (however high end), nope I just can't see it. If you need something capable of a single stream over 1G with 10G interfaces then really cost is going to have to be no object. If this is the case then something like a 600D will do the job -

Add any 10G switch you like off the second SFP+ port if you need 10G CPE, it's not likely to need to be an expensive one (EX3300?)

I've used the Mikrotik CCR's as high end CPE (with 10G uplink) very successfully as they offer excellent price/performance, but if that's no object then there are plenty of options.

> Can't do more than 1Gbps per flow. Not suitable for this application.
> On Apr 15, 2016 5:03 PM, <mike.lyon at gmail.com> wrote:

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