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> > Australia is about the area as the US and has always had caller
> > pays and seperate area codes for mobiles.
> Australia has fewer people than Texas, and is more than an order of
> magnitude smaller than the US by population.  Effects of scale apply here
> in terms of path dependence for solutions.
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NA has a 10 digit scheme (3 area code - 7 local) though most of the
time you end up dialing the 10 digits.

Australia has a 9 digit scheme (1 area code - 8 local)

Yes the area codes are huge (multi-state) and some "local" calls
are sometimes long distance.  In my lifetime local calls have gone
from 6 digits to 7 and then 8 digits.  The last change got rid of
lots of area codes and expanded all the local numbers to 8 digits.
This allows you to use what was a Canberra number in Sydney as they
are now all in the same area code.  Canberra and Sydney are a 3
hour drive apart.

We are no longer in a age where we need to route calls on a digit
by digit basis.

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