phone fun, was GeoIP database issues and the real world consequences

Nikolay Shopik shopik+lists at
Fri Apr 15 15:15:50 UTC 2016

On 15/04/16 17:51, John R. Levine wrote:
> Putting mobiles into a handful of non-geographic codes as they do in
> Europe wouldn't work because the US is a very large country, long
> distance costs and charges were important, and they needed to be able
> to charge more for a mobile call across the country than across the
> street. 

I would like to add that Russian mobiles in non-geographic codes and
have free incoming calls (it wasn't until 2006) and also very large
territory. But that created internal roaming prices within country.

So if you are making call not from your home region you'll pay more also
you may pay for incoming call too (unless you pay for such option to
make your abroad incoming calls free)

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